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18 January, 2023


Backed by an ambitious government, India is on a massive digital drive. From booking cabs (Uber, Ola) to consuming food (Swiggy, Zomato), consumers are increasingly shifting their preferences to online mediums. Today, enterprises are investing more in data centers due to the extreme pace of business

Major growth factors for the market are deeper internet penetration, increase in digital data traffic, public cloud services, and higher expected growth for IoT (Source: Research and Markets). This is set to accelerate further, due to the Indian government’s focus on data lo localization, which will encourage every business entity to host their data locally in India. This in turn will trigger off a wave of new investments in ramping up data center capacity. For example, according to ICRA, the Indian data center industry will witness 5 fold capacity growth with upto 1.2 lakh crore investments.

Considering the exciting developments in India (a host of technology majors setting up their own data centers), and the huge interest and need with respect to innovations in data centers, Express Computer, an IT business magazine from the Indian Express Group, has decided to launch the inaugural edition of the Enterprise Data Center & Infrastructure Summit.

Featuring hands-on technology sessions and keynotes from industry thought leaders, the Enterprise Data Center Summit will give your organization a huge number of networking opportunities with focused decision makers

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